POC Axion SPIN Bike Helmet Uranium Black/Basalt Blue

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Why We Love It
You may have noticed during the course of your helmet shopping that most of the marketing doesn't like to talk about uncomfortable topics like protection, and prefers to focus on things like weight, ventilation, and aesthetics. But just one look at the POC Axion Spin Helmet gives you a pretty good idea already that the folks at POC have protection first and foremost in their heads. This is a helmet that has been specifically designed to protect against trail riding mishaps, so you'll get the fully wrapped unibody shell that enhances durability. Exceptional coverage adds extra protection for the forehead and most importantly at the back of the head, in case of an untoward handlebar flip. But of course, the highlight of the POC design is the SPIN technology, which is how the silicone pad works to dissipate rotational energy on impact. Even the visor has a special breakaway design so that it will not transmit impact forces to the neck. No one likes to think about crashing, but with a POC helmet like the Axion Spin, you can feel secure in the belief you have the best protection should your ride not go according to plan.
About This Item
  • New - Covered by manufacturer's warranty
Brand POC
Model Axion SPIN (CPSC)
Color Multi-Color
Intended Use Mountain