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OPEN 0.0-1.1 Large Frame

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Light wear and tear from cable rub, heel rub, chain, etc.

Paint chipping to bottom bracket, chainstay rear derailleur cable port, and rear disc brake post mount.

Learn more about how we rate this bike’s condition to create its condition chart. There are no surprises here.

Our experts inspect each bike and rate its components on a scale of 1-10. The condition chart’s Overall Rating is the average of those individual components, helping you tell how much overall wear a bike has. We don’t sell anything that scores below a 7. Along with the condition chart, look closely at the bike’s detail images, which highlight any wear or damage.

Every Certified Pre-Owned bicycle we sell is serviced, inspected, and rated. Wear items (like chains, brake pads, and tires) are replaced if they have less than 50-percent life. You’ve got high standards, and we do too.

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