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AJV10258_JL_01 AJV10258_JL_02 AJV10257_JL_01 AJV10257_JL_02 AJV10257_JL_03 MVCMASG-JL-01

Mavic Mistral Vest Safety Yellow

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For cyclists, wind is an ever-present force. Whether you’re racing or training, riding alone or in a group, wind is always a factor. Our Mistral collection was designed to protect you from a cold wind. These jerseys, jackets and vests are named after the infamous Mistral winds of France, which are most prevalent in winter and spring. The Mistral blows in from the north, gains strength and is strongest in the south of France, near the Mediterranean coast. It makes for tough riding, to say the least. Made with Gore Windstopper Infinium technology, our Mistral jerseys, jackets and vests each feature a lightweight, three-layer laminate that blocks wind and frigid temperatures while still being highly breathable. As a result, you can train hard and push the pace on climbs or while riding in the protection of the peloton, but still stay warm when you’re exposed to icy wind. You can’t control the wind. But our Mistral collection can help you keep riding comfortably—even in the strongest, coldest winds of the season.

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