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Mavic Marin Jacket Haute Red

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You wake at dawn for the early group ride. Roads are damp from morning fog. There’s a chill in the air. It warms up with the rising sun, but the wind gains strength. Maybe it will rain, who knows? Springtime weather is fickle. Our Marin collection is made for this. These lightweight, breathable jackets offer robust protection from wind and light shower—and they pack easily into a jersey pocket. You can wear it when you need it, always carry it just in case. The collection is inspired by a French weather phenomenon known as the Marin. This warm, humid wind typically blows in from the Gulf of Lion across coastal regions of Languedoc and Roussillon. The Marin often brings rain and fog. For that reason, Marin jackets are made with Gore Windstopper Infinium technology featuring a thin, highly breathable woven fabric that’s strong and durable. This gives you protection from weather while allowing body heat to vent out. Because overheating and sweating leads to clammy discomfort and chills. Wherever you live, there are certain seasons—especially spring and fall—when the weather is unpredictable. Those who love to ride in the mountains know that it often gets cooler and windier as you reach higher elevations. Flatlanders know that dark clouds on the horizon can mean rain. When you ride with a Marin jacket, whether you’re wearing it or carrying it in your jersey pocket, you’re always prepared.

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