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Pedal It Forward

Bikes are meant to be used.

As the world’s largest retailer of pre-owned bicycles, we’re passionate about helping cyclists find their next great ride—and making sure high quality bikes stay out on the roads and trails.

We believe that every bike has a next owner, and that we all benefit when we keep more bikes on roads and trails. Some call it “recommerce.” Some call it “the circular economy.” We call it common sense.

We keep great bikes in motion.

A pre-owned bike should have all of the quality and performance of a new one. Through the Pro’s Closet’s Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program, every bike we sell has gone through an intensive, 141 point inspection by a team of expert mechanics which results in a professional tune. The frame, fork, wheels, drivetrain, and every other part of the bike is thoroughly evaluated for imperfections and, when necessary, replaced or restored. Drivetrains are pulled and cleaned, work parts are replaced, and wheels are trued. Everyone deserves to have that new (to you) bike experience.

Better for you; better for the planet.

Making the choice to ride a bike instead of using carbon-based transportation is a meaningful way to reduce CO2 emissions–and have fun in the process. But producing bikes and components also creates carbon emissions, generates waste and uses electricity and fuel. So how can the cycling industry continue to make bikes—and riders continue to ride them—but do so with a lighter carbon footprint?

By riding a TPC Certified Pre-Owned bike, riders get more use from a bike that’s already been manufactured, and reducing the emissions, waste and energy usage that comes from making a new bike.

In addition, TPC improved our operational efficiency. Through thorough analysis and process changes around the preparation and packaging of bikes, we’ve diverted 109.01 tons of waste in 2022 alone. This diversion rate includes all packing and packaging materials that were recycled or composted compared to the amount of trash we generated. That means that out of 122.35 total tons of waste, 89% was diverted from the landfill.

As cyclists know, there’s always opportunity for improvement. But we’re excited to continue our efforts to shift the industry.

The Radavist

In 2021, TPC acquired The Radavist, a media company run by folks who share a love of cycling and the outdoors. They're ambassadors for the outdoors and advocate for leaving trails better than they are found. Our Rad friends share routes and adventures, beautiful builds and unique finds, and highlight cycling history and current moments all while shredding lightly.

We Keep Good Company

The best rides are often with friends who share something in common—whether it’s a favorite route, fondness for a destination or a post-ride burrito order. The same goes for the companies we proudly partner with. We like to work with retailers who share a commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing. From Schwalbe’s recycled tires in Europe to Ornot’s PFAS-free kits to Patagonia’s 1% for the planet pledge, learn more about the brands we carry and their commitment to minimizing waste while maximizing performance.

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Our Friends are Our Neighbors

TPC supports domestic manufacturing, from hand-built frames to innovative parts designed and produced in North America. Purchasing from production facilities closer to home minimizes resources spent on transportation and ensures a liveable wage for the designers and fabricators behind your ride.

Your next ride is waiting.

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