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Meet Spencer

What initially got you into bikes?
Friends and thrills.

Proudest cycling accomplishment?
Getting after big jump lines first season on full suspension.

Favorite bike memory?
Building my Guerrilla Gravity from scratch.

What type of riding do you do?
MTB with lots of bike parks.

Favorite trail/road to ride?
36th Chamber at trestle.

How many days a week are you currently riding?

How many bikes are in your fleet currently? Have a favorite?

Two. My Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail mullet is my favorite, although I do love the build on my remedy.

What bikes are on your current wish list?

Specialized Kenevo SL or Levo SL.

Do you have a bike you let go of that you wish you’d kept?


What’s your favorite thing about working at TPC?

The people. 

Any cool bike trips coming up?

Hoping to hit Angel Fire in a couple of weeks.

Do you prefer stock builds or putting together your own build from the frame up?
I prefer building from frame up or upgrading a stock build if it has mostly what I want.

If building from the frame up, what’s your favorite build you’ve done?

The GG Megatrail mullet with a SRAM GX drivetrain - which will upgrade to AXS at some point. The shock is a RockShox Zeb Ultimate with EXT Storia coil, which I love. Then it has a Shigura brake setup which is Magura MT5 calipers with Shimano XT levers. The wheelset is a Spike Spank 359 vibrocore with I9 hydra hubs.

Frame material of choice?


Are you a data geek?

Definitely a gear nerd.

Solo rides or group rides?

Big trains are the best! Had a group of 43 of us riding 36th chamber and rainmaker last year during company group ride.

Baggies or Spandex?


Favorite post big ride meal?

Steak, asparagus and mashed potatoes.


Go-To during ride nutrition/snack?

Nature’s Bakery fig bars.

How do you take your coffee?

Caramel macchiato

Favorite pizza toppings?

Bacon, pepperoni, mushrooms.

Where did you grow up?

Born in FL, raised in NC.

Would you rather watch the Tour De France or Red Bull Rampage? 

Rampage all day to watch my buddy DJ send it!

Morning rides or evening rides?

Sunset rides.