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Meet Kyle

What initially got you into bikes?

Started as a kid (about 7 years old) whole family took it up as a hobby & my mother went on to be 2x Texas State Mountain Bike Champ.

Proudest cycling accomplishment?

Working on nearly a 10 year bike industry career! It’s awesome hanging out with a bunch of bike nerds.

Favorite bike memory?
We travel from Texas to Colorado for vacation every year. We’ve crewed at Leadville for 3 years in Twin Lakes and then moved along the route with our racers! Those memories are some of the coolest. We also hit Lil Scraggy in Buffalo Creek every year, best ride to date!

What type of riding do you do?
I’m a mountain biker through & through! But, gravel can be wicked fun! I’ve got bags to pack it out & make a camping trip out of it. I just really like bikes & the places & faces that come along with it.

Favorite Trail/road to ride?
Buffalo Creek, CO - Lil Scraggy! But when in Texas Cameron Park in Waco, TX is a good time!

How many days a week are you currently riding?
Generally riding 3-4 days a week. Sometimes more when I’m lucky & the weather is good.

How many bikes are in your fleet currently? Have a favorite?
I have 2. And my lady (Amanda) has 2. Both of us have mountain bikes/gravel bikes. Both of mine are single speed. And my mountain bike is also rigid, it’s my favorite!

What bikes are on your current wish list?
If the Karate Monkey breaks, I’d replace it with a Chumba Stella w/ sliding rear dropouts!

Do you have a bike you let go of that you wish you’d kept?
I don’t.

What’s your favorite thing about working at TPC?

The care for the employees! And the time given for reprieve.
Any cool bike trips coming up?

Planning a trip to NW Arkansas. It’d be the first time!

Do you prefer stock builds or putting together your own build from the frame up?

Frame up builds. All 4 bikes we have, have all been frame build ups. Getting exactly what we want.
If building from the frame up, what’s your favorite build you’ve done?

Amanda’s Juliana Quincy build is probably our coolest! All ENVE. All Chris King Bourbon with the LE Spurcycle Bourbon bell. Paired with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2.

Frame material of choice?
Steel is real! But, if $ were no option Ti all day!

Are you a data geek?
Not really. Just riding often to make the next time suck less.

Solo rides or group rides?
Group rides all day! Or with 1 other “fast” buddy.

Baggies or Spandex?
Baggies. No one wants to see this in lycra.

Favorite post big ride meal?

Beer & BBQ!

Go-To during ride nutrition/snack?

Pre-ride...Sonic cheese sticks go hard!

How do you take your coffee?

Everyday. Coffee is life.

Favorite pizza toppings?

YES! Well everything except mushrooms.

Where did you grow up? Where’s home currently?

Born & Raised & Currently Fort Worth, TX...but hopefully not much longer! It’s hot & flat.

Would you rather watch the Tour De France or Red Bull Rampage? 

Both! We don’t miss either in this household.

Other favorite cycling event you follow/watch?

We have Peacock & Youtube subscriptions so we don’t miss any cycling.

Prefer morning rides or evening rides?

Meh, mid day. Anytime after coffee & #2 is good with me.