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  • Established in 2019 by a team of industry veterans, Forbidden gained immediate traction with their flagship model, the Druid — a single-minded, no-holds-barred interpretation of mountain bike design. Forbidden may be new to the cycling landscape, but their radical approach and refusal to accept the status quo are leaving a lasting impression on trail riders.

Forbidden Druid

All Trail Animal

A bike that defies white paper stats. While this bike has 130mm rear and 150mm front travel, its talents stretch much farther in both directions. This bike will confidently attack trails and features often only ridden by much bigger travel bikes. The Druid picks up fast and maintains efficient pedaling speed when needed with its steep seat tube, 29er wheels and state-of-the-art rear high pivot system. This is a bike that will constantly impress you with its vast capabilities.

Forbidden Dreadnought

Enduro Excellence

While the Forbidden Druid delivers all trail versatility for riders with less riding specificity, there are riders who crave pushing limits and chasing extreme, pulse-raising lines that challenge their comfort levels - for those riders, there's the Dreadnought. The Dreadnought features 154mm rear travel and 170mm in the front. Similar to the Druid, Forbidden's engineering allows the suspension numbers to defy expectations. The geometry and brilliant High Pivot Design skirt around our prior expectations of what bikes in this travel range are capable of. The Forbidden Dreadnought features fast rolling 29" wheels to deliver efficient pedaling and superb roll-over capability when you need it.

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    Why I Bought a Forbidden Druid

  • Get the Down Low

    High Pivot MTB Suspension

    The nitty gritty on this unique design and how it could elevate your single track riding.

  • Employee Bikes:

    Bruce's Druid Build

    Bruce snagged one of our new Forbidden Druid frames in the Limited Edition Midnight Velvet colorway. Hear why he ended up choosing the Druid and watch him take it from a frameset to a complete build.

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