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Yeti SB115 Bikes & Framesets For Sale

Shop new & used Yeti SB115 MTBs for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find reviews, specs, weight info, prices, and size charts on various models and popular years (2021, 2022, etc). Read our Yeti SB115 Quick-Take Review below.

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Yeti’s SB115 initially came out of their SB100 XC bike, with 100mm of travel. It actually is the same frame as the SB100, with a different upper link and shock, giving it 115mm rear travel. It’s still a race bike, retaining the agility and fun of the shorter-travel bike while giving more room to take on rougher terrain.

How much does a Yeti SB115 weigh?

In terms of frames first, a Yeti SB115 TURQ carbon weighs around 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg) for a size Large. 

A C carbon variant weighs about 5.8 lbs (2.6 kg) for a size Large. In terms of complete bikes, a high-end build with lightweight components would come in around 24-26 lbs (10.9-11.8 kg). A more budget-friendly build with heavier components should weigh closer to 27-30 lbs (12.2-13.6 kg). 

How much travel does a Yeti SB115 have?

As for travel, the SB115 has 115mm of rear travel and 130mm of fork travel. This puts it in the "trail bike" category, meaning it's capable of handling both technical climbs and descents, but it's not quite as burly as an enduro bike.

2022 Yeti SB115 - Weight, Specs, Price

Yeti SB115 TURQ (Med)


Wheel Size

Travel (mm)




F: 130 / R: 115

27.9 lbs

2021 Yeti SB115 TURQ T3 Review - A TPC Quick-Take

When we first laid eyes on the 2021 Yeti SB115 TURQ T3, our pulses kicked up a notch. Positioned as a bike that marries the agility of a cross-country rig with the playfulness of a trail bike, it beckoned for a ride to see if it lived up to that promise.


  • The Perfect Balance
  • The SB115 straddles the line between cross-country and trail beautifully. With 115mm of rear travel paired with a 130mm fork, this bike gives you enough cushion to handle more aggressive trails while maintaining the responsiveness you want on smoother, flowy trails.
  • Switch Infinity Suspension
  • Yeti's Switch Infinity suspension system is, quite simply, a marvel. It provides an incredibly efficient pedaling platform and excellent small-bump sensitivity, offering a ride that is supportive and plush.
  • Top-End Build Kit
  • Yeti's TURQ series represents the pinnacle of their bike-building expertise, and the SB115 T3 is no exception. Outfitted with a top-tier SRAM XX1 Eagle drivetrain, Fox Factory suspension, and DT Swiss wheels, this bike is a high-quality thoroughbred.


  • The Price Tag
  • The TURQ series from Yeti comes at a premium price point. ($10,000) The SB115 T3, with its high-end build kit, carries a substantial cost which may be a significant hurdle for some.
  • Not a Pure Climber or Descender
  • While the SB115 does an excellent job of balancing cross-country and trail capabilities, riders focused solely on one discipline might find it lacking. It’s not the fastest climber or the most aggressive descender on the market.
  • Press-Fit Bottom Bracket
  • As with other Yeti models, the BB92 press-fit bottom bracket might be negative for some. It can complicate maintenance and has the potential for creaking issues, especially in muddy or dusty conditions.

The Bottom Line

The 2021 Yeti SB115 TURQ T3 is a jack-of-all-trades. It skillfully blends the best aspects of a cross-country and trail bike into a package that encourages you to explore new terrain, climb higher, and descend with newfound zeal. However, the hefty price tag and the potential compromises of being neither a pure climber nor a pure descender may deter some riders.

If you're seeking a bike that can do it all and you're willing to dig deep into your pockets, the SB115 T3 could be your dream bike. It invites you to tackle the trails with a smile and an insatiable thirst for the next adventure. Just be ready for it to redefine your expectations of what a bike can do.

A TPC Rider’s Contrarian Take:

I've always loved the concept of "down-country" bikes. Here on the front range, we have plenty of steep rocky trails, as well as flowy cruisers. The SB115 can do it all, with its preference being the chill after-work rides or even backcountry epics that require lung-busting climbs. 

While I would not choose the SB115 as my primary bike, it excels at putting the power down and can make even the tamest trails a great time.

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