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Trek Speed Concept Bikes For Sale

Shop new & used Trek Speed Concept bikes at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find reviews, specs, weight info, and prices on various models (SLR 7, SLR9) and popular years (2016, 2017 etc). Read our 2022 Trek Speed Concept SLR 7 Quick-Take Review below.

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Alberto Contador won the 2009 Tour de France on the Trek Speed Concept’s debut. 12 years later, Ellen Van Dijk crushed all on the third-gen Speed Concepts at the European time trial championships and Worlds. In between those races, the Speed Concept has succeeded as a triathlon bike in Ironman-length, Olympic, and Sprint triathlons.  

The latest Speed Concept for sale has hydraulic disc brakes, only adding a minimal 170g to the bike. Improved aerodynamics comes from hidden cable routing, integrated storage compartments, a drag-reducing water bottle, and an IsoSpeed seatpost damper. Trek has also made handlebar adjustments easier and simplified front-end breakdown for travel.  

Trek Speed Concept SLR 9 - Weight, Specs, Price

2023 Speed Concept SLR 9 eTap (M)




Wheel Size


18.9 lbs

SRAM RED eTap AXS (2x12)


SLR is Super Light Racing; the same frames professionals ride. For the Speed Concept, all current frames are SLR. Trek makes all the Speed Concepts available through their Project One custom program. If you find an unusually-kitted Speed Concept, this is probably why. Considering all the unusual tri’ specific bits one needs and how finicky fit can be, custom makes sense.

2022 Trek Speed Concept SLR 7 Review - A TPC Rider's Quick Take, by Owen H

I've never been a triathlon or TT cyclist. I'm used to gravel grinding and hill-crushing on mountain bikes. But the Trek Speed Concept SLR 7 has seriously made me reconsider my preferences. This machine has been engineered with the sole purpose of demolishing time trials and triathlons.


  • Top-tier Aerodynamics - The Speed Concept SLR 7's aerodynamics are second to none. Trek claims the new 2023 Speed Concept is 6 minutes faster at the Kona than the last generation bike.
  • The bike's aggressive geometry and design elements aim to minimize wind resistance at every opportunity. The integrated cockpit and sleek Kammtail Virtual Foil tube shaping create an aerodynamic profile that slices through the air.
  • Exceptional Power Transfer - The bottom bracket of the Speed Concept SLR 7 is stiffer than many other TT bikes I've ridden. This stiffness makes for exceptional power transfer. Every watt you pump into the pedals feels like it's directly propelling you forward. No energy wasted.
  • Fit Customization Options - One of the surprising aspects is the bike's adjustable fit. Triathlon bikes often sacrifice customization for the sake of aerodynamics, but Trek has managed to offer both with its Speed Concept. The integrated cockpit and seatpost provide a range of adjustment options that cater to a broad spectrum of riders.


  • Premium Price Tag - The Speed Concept SLR 7 doesn't come cheap. The advanced aerodynamic features and high-end components contribute to a price tag that could give the budget-conscious cyclist a moment of hesitation. ($10,199)
  • Not Versatile - This is a bike built for a purpose - it's a time-trial machine. If you're looking for a bike for group rides, casual spins, or any form of off-road or mixed-terrain cycling, this probably isn't the bike for you.
  • Complex Maintenance - With all its integrated systems and internal cabling, the Speed Concept SLR 7 can be a pain to work on. Regular maintenance and any necessary repairs might require a trip to a professional mechanic more often than not.

Bottom Line

The Trek Speed Concept SLR 7 is a dream machine for any serious triathlete or time trialist. It has top-tier aerodynamics, power transfer, and fit options that are hard to match. The price tag is a potential barrier for some, and it's not a bike built for versatility. However, if you're looking to shatter personal records, climb podiums, or simply want the thrill of speeding on a top-tier triathlon bike, the Speed Concept SLR 7 is definitely worth considering.

It may not have the versatility of a gravel bike or the comfort of an endurance road bike, but the Speed Concept SLR 7 offers an entirely different riding experience. It's the kind of bike that urges you to push your limits, to go faster, and to keep your eyes on the finish line. And for some of us, that's the kind of ride we live for.

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