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SRAM Maven MTB Brakes

Shop the SRAM Maven MTB brakes at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse the limited edition red Maven Ultimate brake kit to upgrade your ride to the strongest brakes on the market. Talk to a Ride Guide today to find the right brakes for your mountain bike. 

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Discover unparalleled stopping power and precision control with the new SRAM Maven brakesDominating the trails requires more than just sheer power—it demands cutting-edge innovation and relentless performance. The 2024 SRAM Maven mountain bike brakes are a testament to trail mastery and technical excellence.


SRAM Maven Ultimate - Eclipsing Expectations:

  • Pioneering Power: Boasting 18 and 19.5-millimeter pistons delivering 50% more power compared to SRAM's Code series.
  • Progressive Performance: Experience responsive stopping power with Swinglink technology for a smooth, balanced lever pull.
  • Heat Management: A sturdy 4-bolt caliper design ensures lasting performance, with a consistent brake feel from start to finish.
  • Customization: Tailor your ride with different pad materials and rotor sizes, carving out your unique mountain biking experience.

Reflect on the exquisite design of the high-polish lever body paired with machine-precision calipers and titanium hardware. For the modern mountain bike, it's not just about prowess but also about the polish. Enhance your ride with features like tool-free Reach and Contact Point Adjust, offering a tailored fit for every rider.

SRAM's dedication to excellence is apparent in every aspect of Maven their new Maven line—from their robust build to sophisticated stealth lever architecture. Committed to minimal maintenance, it pairs beautifully with Maxima Mineral Brake Oil for smooth and lasting performance.

Prepare for a biking experience that transcends the ordinary.

Product Specs at a Glance:

  • Powerful Pistons: 18 and 19.5mm for dominant braking force
  • Signature Lever Feel: With Swinglink technology
  • Heat Dissipation: 4-piston caliper design for sustained performance
  • Quiet Ride: Standard organic pads for superior modulation
  • Sleek Design: Stealth architecture and Mineral Oil compatibility
  • Refined Touch: Polished lever body, titanium hardware, and customization options
  • Weight: 362g (Lever + Caliper)
  • Precision Engineering: Disc Brake Maven Ultimate in varying hose lengths
  • Note: Brake Rotors not included

The limited edition SRAM Maven Ultimate complete brake kit includes everything you need to convert your mountain bike to the strongest brakes on the market.

Emerge victorious on every ride with the Maven Ultimate—Shop Now and experience the SRAM revolution that’s reshaping mountain biking gear standards.