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Selle Italia

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Selle Italia pioneered the modern bike saddle. Selle saddles were designed with racers in mind. Lightweight saddles give all the support you need, with no extra frills. 

Selle Italia Saddles 

The Selle Italia Flite was the first step in saddle design from the brand. Ten years later, the Selle Italia SLR was introduced. New Flite saddles, advanced SLR saddles, and the company’s first MTB saddle, the Selle Italia XLR hinge on a range of carbon and titanium. 

Selle Italia History 

Founded in 1897, Selle Italia was revolutionized by new owners in the 1970s to focus on racing. Pros loved this, and Selle Italia made custom saddles for Bernard Hinault, Alberto Contador, Mario Cipollini, and more.