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SCOTT Road Bikes

Scott road bikes aren’t the oldest on the market but are certainly some of the most innovative and high-performance bikes. Scott makes it easy to find the ideal bike by offering a wide variety of models and features. From endurance to triathlon, and aero, new technologies like clip-on aerodynamic handlebars, weight-breaking UCI bikes, and loads of price points make Scott road bikes accessible to everyone. 

Scott Addict


The Scott Addict provides the perfect balance of comfort, speed, and superior handling in an endurance road bike that conquers almost any surface. The Addict is lightweight, stiff, and comes alive as soon as you stomp on the pedals while providing responsive handling and a more endurance geometry for a comfortable ride. This bike craves speed and long rides and offers a truly gratifying and fun experience on the road. For an even racier version, check out the Scott Addict RC.


Scott Foil


The Scott Foil is a versatile aero performance bike with a need for speed. Its stiff and lightweight frame is optimal for sprinting, climbing, and providing a grounded feel on rough and smooth roads. The Foil’s geometry makes handling responsive and decisive, and there’s no need for pro-level handling expertise. The Foil is truly an easy and fun to ride aero road bike.  


Scott Plasma


The Scott Plasma is a triathlon machine with tons of onboard storage and loads of fit adjustability. Extensive wind-tunnel testing, aero styling, fully integrated cables, and tri-specific features make this bike ready to win at your next Ironman or Tri event. The Plasma 5 is UCI legal, while the Plasma 6 isn’t, but both are still fully capable speed-demons ready to tackle long-distance races. 


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