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Orbea Orca M35i

Shop new & used Orbea Orca M35i bikes and framesets at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find reviews, specs, weight info, prices and size charts on various models and popular years. Read our Orbea Orca M35i Quick-Take Review below.

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2023 Orbea Orca M35i Review - A TPC Quick-Take

The Orbea Orca M35i is a standout road bike, especially in its 2024 iteration. It sits at the entry point of the Orca line with its "OMR" level carbon frame and 12-speed Shimano 105 Di2 drivetrain. With a clear focus on climbing efficiency and lightweight design, it marks a shift from the all-rounder aero trend, steering towards a more traditional and performance-oriented cycling experience. Compares with: Specialized Tarmac SL7, Trek Emonda, Canyon Ultimate.



Lightweight design: The OMR frame of the M35i is built for lightness and responsiveness, particularly useful in mountainous terrains.

Shimano 105 Di2 Groupset: Offers smooth, efficient shifting and reliable performance.

Comfortable ride: Despite its racing lineage, the Orbea Orca M35i offers a comfortable ride, suitable for long hours on the saddle.

Oquo wheels: These high-performance wheels contribute to the bike's overall agility and speed.

Value for money: Given its features and performance, the Orca M35i stands out in its price range.

Customization: The MyO service allows for significant customization, making each bike potentially unique to its owner.


Limited aero features: While it includes some aero optimizations like integrated cable routing, these are more for style than functional aerodynamics.

Not an all-rounder: Its focus on climbing and lightness might limit its appeal to cyclists looking for a more versatile, all-terrain bike.


Bottom Line

The Orbea Orca M35i is yet another compelling choice for cyclists who prioritize climbing performance and appreciate a lightweight, responsive bike. It's well suited for those who enjoy mountainous rides and value comfort alongside performance. The bike's customization options add a personal touch, enhancing its appeal. However, it might not be the first choice for riders seeking an all-rounder road bike with a strong emphasis on aerodynamics. In its niche, though, the Orbea Orca M35i excels, offering a blend of performance, comfort, and value.