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Norco Road Bikes For Sale

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There are a million reasons to love Canada. Like its breathtaking scenery, incrediably polite citizens, poutine, and maple syrup. And Norco bikes. The Canadian brand was founded in 1964 in British Columbia and currently makes over 150 bike models, including MTB, gravel, BMX, and road. Because of their meticulous attention to the geometry, technology, and plenty of enjoyable R&D, Norco takes pride in designing unique, high-performance bikes for every type of rider. Their road collection takes a unique spin. Unlike other brands, they’re actually drop-bar bikes intended for all roads, including gravel.

The Norco Section is the closest thing to a traditional road bike. They come with stable 32mm tires, the choice for an aluminum, steel, or carbon frame, and are insanely comfortable, responsive, and efficient. For gravel or rough road conditions that take you off the beaten path, the Search collection is the way to travel

Models (2023)


Weight (55cm)



20.1 lbs



17.6 lbs

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