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Moots Routt 45 For Sale

Shop new & used Moots Routt 45 bikes and framesets at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find reviews, specs, weight info, prices and size charts on various models and popular years. Read our Moots Routt 45 Quick-Take Review below.

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2023 Moots Routt 45 Review - A TPC Rider's Quick Take

While carbon grabs all the attention, the Moots Routt 45 is a testament to the versatility and appeal of titanium as a frame material for gravel bikes. 


  • Material quality: titanium, when used right, is ideal for gravel bikes, offering durability and a unique ride quality.
  • Design aesthetics: the bike features anodized accents and a sleek, matte grey finish, giving it a sophisticated look without being overly flashy.
  • Tire clearance: it boasts excellent tire clearance without compromising handling, accommodating up to 45mm tires.
  • Ride quality: the bike offers a comfortable yet lively ride, effectively absorbing road buzz while maintaining a connection to the road.
  • Versatility: with the ability to fit both road and gravel tires, the Routt 45 serves well as a road and gravel bike.
  • Unique features: includes a 3D-printed flat mount part for the rear brake, enhancing aesthetics and reducing welds.
  • Customization options: Moots offers a range of customization options, including internal brake routing, custom geometry, and various finishes like the Stanley multicolor anodized finish.



  • Price: the Routt 45 is a premium bike, and its price reflects that potentially putting it out of reach for some cyclists.
  • Limited suitability for bikepacking: While it can handle bikepacking, those looking for a bikepacking bike might prefer a different setup.

What We Think Of The Moots Routt 45

The Moots Routt 45 is a high-quality, versatile gravel bike that excels in road and off-road conditions. Its titanium frame offers a blend of comfort, efficiency, and durability. The bike's design and build quality justify its premium price, making it a worthwhile investment for cyclists who value performance and versatility. While it might not be the first choice for exclusive bikepacking purposes, its adaptability makes it a strong contender for cyclists looking for a "forever bike" capable of handling a wide range of cycling adventures, and for us, that makes it a compelling offering​​.