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Moots Road Bikes For Sale

Bikes are meant
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Moots makes road bikes fresh. Seamless titanium tubing is their jam, choosing diameters, butts, wall thicknesses to suit, and custom cold set as needed. All the forks featured on Moot's bikes are carbon fiber and designed in-house. They usually finish their work by brushing the titanium, but they also are known for anodizing, polishing, and etching. 

Models (2023)


Frame Weight (56cm)

Vamoots RCS


3 lbs

Vamoots CRD


3.1 lbs

Vamoots Disc RSL

Road Race

3 lbs 

The Moots road line used to comprise pretty much just the Vamoots, first in rim-brake, then they added a disc option, and have since dropped the rim-brake version to focus on the Vamoots Disc RSL. The Vamoots RCS--Routt County Special, named for the Colorado county they call home, is their genre-bending road entry. The RCS is an all-road bike capable of grinding gravel or speeding along the road, designed around 32mm tires, though 35mm should fit as well

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