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Juliana Bicycles For Sale

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The Juliana mountain bike debuted in 1999, a collaboration between Juliana Furtado, the greatest female mountain bike racer of the sport’s early days, and Santa Cruz Bicycles. 


Like its namesake, the bike was legit on its own merits, no surprise as the suspension was designed by Santa Cruz, and had no problem keeping up with men’s bikes, something that might put it among the best mountain bikes for women.


Juliana Bikes


Juliana is now a full-fledged line within the Santa Cruz family. They parallel men’s models; there are men’s and women’s versions of the same frame, but with different component specs and colors. Generally, the bikes are tweaked for smaller, lighter people: women’s saddles, narrower bars, and air shocks: suspension can be tuned for any weight and style. Santa Cruz also equips some of the best builds with their own line of Reserve wheels, carbon-fiber hoops that are engineered light and tough.


Juliana Mountain Bikes


We have lots of used Juliana bikes for sale. They’re among the best bikes for women. The line is fairly compact, currently five models. All are full-suspension, each with its own personality.  Figuring out how much suspension you need is something we can help with. The Wilder is an xc racer. The Joplin a trail bike. The Furtado is the quiver-killer women’s trail bike with enduro race characteristics. The Maverick goes full enduro, with the Roubion there for when the hits are big and the trails go down steep. 


Juliana Gravel Bikes


Juliana gravel bikes are the women’s gravel bike version of Santa Cruz Stigmata. It has a considerable cyclocross heritage and was only recently tweaked to expand the capabilities of the bike to handle 700c x 45 and 650b x 2.1” tires. Having room for the taller hoops means it can roll fast when the conditions are relatively smooth. Having room for wide 650b tires means the bike can still be playful when conditions are just about right for mountain biking.