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Intense Bikes

Many consider the mid-’90s to be the era that kicked off American mountain bike racing, and Intense Bikes paved the way with their legendary M1 downhill race bike. 


With the creation of the M1, legendary athletes such as Shaun palmer, Leigh Donovan, and Michael Ronning podiumed so many times that other brands started running the same frame but with different decals. With so many large bike brands running the M1, it had to mean Intense found the winning formula. Today, Intense Bikes still creates and designs some of the best mountain bikes on the market, with a stacked World Cup team leading the way. Intense's deeply rooted history in bike racing means all Intense bikes are created with a passion and dedication to evolving the way we ride. So check our Intense bikes for sale today!


Intense Mountain Bikes


Intense has a full roster of mountain bikes designed to dominate any task, from XC racing to World Cup downhill tracks. Want to explore even further and higher? Intense also has the Tazer, an e-bike that will rocket you up long climbs with geometry and suspension designed to let you fly down the most technical descents. 


While you won’t find any hardtails in the Intense roster, they do have the Sniper FRO, a 100mm travel XC race bike. (FRO = For Racing Only) With a lightweight carbon frame and 29” wheels, the Sniper FRO is the lightest mountain bike from Intense and will leave nothing behind on the track. Looking for a do-it-all quiver killer mountain bike? Look no further than the Intense Primer. Available in 27.5” and 29” options, this 140/150mm bike will handle anything from cross country loops to epic bike park laps. The M29 is the king of all Intense mountain bikes. This downhill race bike has seen multiple World Cup podiums, and with a new one in the works, the game will be changed forever. 

Intense Tracer


The Intense Tracer is their dedicated 27.5” enduro/bike park machine. With 165mm rear and 170mm front suspension travel, this bike is just as happy slashing berms as it is racing the clock. While not currently in production, The Pro’s Closet is the best place to find used Intense mountain bikes like the Tracer to round out your fleet. 

Intense Primer


If you’re looking for one bike to do it all, then the Intense Primer is it. Available in both 27.5” and 29” options, the Primer can suit any riding style or preference you desire. With 140/150mm suspension travel, the Primer offers a balanced ride that does not make pedaling up a battle and becomes lively and agile on the descents to provide the ultimate riding experience. 


Intense Sniper


The Intense Sniper comes in two variations, the Sniper Trail and the FRO. The Sniper Trail, or Sniper T, is a 120mm travel bike designed for endurance and speed. The extra 20mm of travel found on the Trail model is ideal for epic backcountry grinds, where efficiency is important to save you plenty of energy to spare for the descents to follow. The Intense FRO (For Racing Only) model is an XC race bike with 100mm of travel, perfect for lapping XC courses and dominating the competition. The 20mm less suspension over the Trail version is optimal for pedaling performance to out-climb the competition.


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