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Fuji Bikes For Sale - MTB, Road, Gravel

Shop Fuji bikes for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse popular models like the Norcom TT bike, Thrill, Transonic, and more. 

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Fuji bicycles started bringing the heat in 1899. No, not a typo. If grandpa says, “My first bike was a Fuji,” you know why. Dive into one of the oldest, widest product lines around. 

Fuji Road Bikes 

Fuji occupies a niche of superb, classic road bikes without the price and flash of marquee brands. Racers who have to pay full freight have long chosen Fuji road bikes for this reason. 

Fuji Mountain Bikes 

Fuji was early to the MTB revolution. Fuji mountain bikes feature refined designs that go out and get the job done without shouting for accolades. 

Fuji Gravel Bikes 

Fuji’s CX roots came in handy when designing Fuji gravel bikes. They’re agile, light, and fit big tires. With lots of bolts and mounts, pro accessories come easy.