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FOCUS Bikes For Sale

Shop new & used Focus road & mountain bikes for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse our assortment of Focus bikes & e-bikes fro sale today. 

Bikes are meant
to be used.

FOCUS Bikes built a company ethos on one principle: Never Ride Alone. Its deep lineup of classic bikes and new electric bikes will keep you hungry to ride. 

FOCUS Mountain Bikes 

FOCUS started making mountain bikes for racers in the 90s. FOCUS grew from rider-first passion and German tech chops. Every FOCUS mountain bike is built by engineers who ride their own supply. 

FOCUS Road Bikes 

Mike Kluge won the CX World Championship in ‘92 on a self-built bike, and then built the company. FOCUS road bikes were a natural fit: bringing the hardcore power of CX to weaponized road bikes issued endless wins. Even the pros believe FOCUS road bikes are wildly durable. 

FOCUS Gravel Bikes 

FOCUS gravel bikes are “Made to Lose.” Meaning, lose yourself on gravel and you might gain perspective. Get lost on the best-selling FOCUS Atlas gravel bike. Cell service not guaranteed.