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Canyon Road Bikes

Canyon is a German-based direct-to-consumer bike company. While they’ve been around for over 20 years, they’ve only been in the United States since 2017.  

Without a shop presence, they announced themselves through racing. The results speak for themselves, winning: Classics, Grand Tours, Olympic Gold, and World Championships.  

It’s good to grasp their naming conventions. CFR=Canyon Factory Racing, aka their proline. Below that, their hierarchy goes: CF SLX, CF SL, CF, and AL. CF is carbon fiber, and AL is aluminum. WMN: women’s-specific geometry. They put a number at the end to signify where it is within the range, like Endurace AL 7. 6 is typically Rival/105 level parts, 7 Force/Ultegra, 8 Red/Dura-Ace.


Canyon Aeroad


Canyon’s aero road race bike debuted in 2011. Each successive iteration gained more dramatic aero shaping and greater integration. 2014, direct-mount rim brakes. 2018, rotor disc brakes. 2021 has a sleek aero seat post that’s more of a D-shaped post with an aero cowling. The high-end versions also received a proprietary, adjustable integrated handlebar/stem/fork system. 


Canyon Ultimate


For Canyon, this is the climbing bike. The Canyon Ultimate is a super-light road bike with aero shaping. A round seat post provides comfort, and it includes integrated aero cockpits for their higher-end models. Canyon likes their bikes to be fast-steering, so if you prefer a maneuverable feeling and attacking corners, this is it.


Canyon Endurace


“Endurace,” tells the story. It’s Canyon’s endurance racing bike. Around 2014, it started as rim-brake, the next iteration moved to rotor disc, and the latest increased clearance for tires up to 35mm in width; gravel territory. For comfort, they’ve thinned the seat stays and, on some models, included their VCLS comfort seat post for even more rear-end cush. It still shares fast steering as with the other road models, but from a place with more stack and less reach. 


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