BMC Road Bikes

BMC likes to keep things simple. They have relatively few models and design them to be, for the most part, versatile. There’s a road racing frame in carbon and aluminum, an endurance frame in carbon, an aero road bike in carbon, and a time trial bike in carbon. The racing frame is aero, the endurance is fast, and the aero road bike is comfortable for all-day riding. BMC is so invested in carbon that they will change the layup within models to hit the desired weight, durability, and price benchmarks.  


BMC Roadmachine


The Roadmachine shows what disc brakes can add. This platform grew out of their endurance road bike, the Granfondo; with disc brakes, BMC can squeeze 33mm tires in the frame, expanding the bike’s versatility. The Roadmachine can take on tougher challenges than the stone roads of northern Europe while still being a great bike for racing on smooth roads with long, fast miles. The Roadmachine comes in the pro-level Roadmachine 01 One, the mid-range Four, and the entry-level Seven. BMC also offers the more off-road capable Roadmachine X, which features single-chainring gearing.  


BMC Teammachine


The BMC Teammachine SLR01 is the pro-level climbing race bike in the stable. While it has evolved over the years, it’s been a forever refinement of the bike that won the Tour de France in 2011, the World Championships in 2012, and the Olympic Road Race in 2016. The Teammachine has only become lighter, stiffer, more comfortable, and more aero, thanks to the combination of ACE+ tech and pro rider feedback.


BMC Timemachine

The Timemachine comes in two distinct varieties. There’s the fully-integrated aero road bike that's slippery in the wind tunnel while still being a bike people want to race. The Timemachine has only become more slippery and integrated over the years. A key feature of the Timemachine is that it can be set up with a 71- or 81-degree seat angle for the ultimate racing platform.