BMC Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are what BMC first started selling. Because of their vertical backyard, located in the Swiss Alps, BMC leans toward lighter bikes designed to climb well.


In years past, BMC had a deeper offroad lineup, with bikes like the Trailfox for steep, big hit riding, the Speedfox for the trail, and the Fourstroke, and Teamelite for XC.


BMC Speedfox

The Speedfox is a Swiss Army knife of a mountain bike. It’s a trail bike that is fun, comfortable, and speedy. The Speedfox is capable of more than just trail riding and is precise enough for Sunday races. Climbing, the suspension is laterally stiff, active, and separated from pedaling and braking forces thanks to their Advanced Pivot System (APS). For several years, there was a Trailcrew variant, bridging the gap between the Speedfox and the Trailfox, with 27.5” wheels and 150mm of travel.

BMC Fourstroke


The Fourstroke is a lean racing machine, with the 01 being the lightest variant. Light, stiff, and aggressive riding characteristics are what BMC believes racing calls for, and based on the success of the BMC team over the years, it’s hard to disagree. They’ve long believed big wheels roll better, so they use 29” for all sizes.

BMC Teamelite 


The Teamelite, or TE, is a super light XC bike that will climb to the front of the pack quickly. In 2015 BMC added their MTT (Micro Travel Technology) to provide 15mm of active travel to increase the Teamlite's versatility. As technology moved forward, BMC realized they could design the same comfort and traction benefits without the MTT and retired the TE in favor of the Twostroke in 2020. With a compliance post and carefully shaped stays, BMC was able to provide rear-end compliance for hardtails, keeping stiffness high and sensations fast.