BMC Gravel Bikes

BMC goes their own way when building gravel bikes, which you should expect from the Swiss company. Their gravel bikes are not just sized-up road or a cross bikes with a lower bottom bracket. BMC creates their own unique designs based on what works best both on-road and off. Yes, the profile looks like another road bike, but a careful scan reveals it’s something unique.




URS stands for UnReStricted. The URS is a gravel bike with MTB manners and road bike speed. BMC carried over the soft-tail design of their Teamelite cross-country rig and the front end of their Roadmachine to create predictable steering over all-terrain. This combination creates a versatile beast, one that is at home both on the road, gravel, or MTB trails.


There are four carbon-frame versions, from the URS to the 01 One, Two, and Three. Then there are the aluminum-frame versions, the AL One, Two, Three, and Four, with added mounting points for more adventure. For burlier, gnarlier adventures, there’s the URS LT, Long Travel, which adds a 20mm suspension fork. The LT has a One and Two, as well. It’s almost a mountain bike and probably more capable than XC rigs from twenty, maybe even ten years ago.