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Xt Hydraulic Brake Set

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Upgrade your bike's braking power with an XT hydraulic brake set. These high-performance brake sets offer reliable stopping power and precise control, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable ride. With advanced features like hydraulic disc brakes, you can expect consistent and powerful braking performance in all weather conditions. Whether you're tackling steep descents or navigating technical trails, an XT hydraulic brake set will give you the confidence to push your limits. Choose from a range of options, including front and rear sets, calipers, and complete kits, to find the perfect fit for your bike.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

XT hydraulic disc brakes are designed to deliver exceptional stopping power and modulation. The hydraulic system uses fluid to transfer force from the brake lever to the caliper, resulting in consistent and reliable braking performance. With hydraulic disc brakes, you'll enjoy precise control and effortless stopping power, even in wet and muddy conditions. The XT hydraulic disc brake sets are engineered to withstand the demands of aggressive riding, making them a popular choice among mountain bikers and off-road enthusiasts.

Front and Rear Sets

XT hydraulic brake sets are available in both front and rear configurations, allowing you to upgrade your bike's braking system as needed. Whether you need to replace a single brake or upgrade both front and rear brakes, XT offers a range of options to suit your needs. By upgrading to an XT hydraulic brake set, you'll experience improved stopping power and control on every ride, giving you the confidence to tackle challenging terrain with ease.

Complete Kits and Calipers

In addition to front and rear brake sets, XT also offers complete kits and individual calipers. Complete kits include everything you need to upgrade your bike's braking system, including brake levers, calipers, hoses, and hardware. If you only need to replace a specific component, XT hydraulic brake calipers are available separately. With their durable construction and precise engineering, XT brake calipers ensure reliable and consistent braking performance.