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Time Xpresso

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Discover the innovative and high-performance world of Time Xpresso pedals. Designed for cyclists of all levels, Time Xpresso pedals offer a secure and efficient clipless system that enhances power transfer and pedaling efficiency. With a lightweight construction and a wide platform, these pedals provide stability and control, allowing you to ride with confidence. The Xpresso series features different models with varying release angles and float options to suit your riding style and preferences. Whether you're a road cyclist or a mountain biker, Time Xpresso pedals deliver the reliability and performance you need for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Clipless Pedals

Time Xpresso pedals are clipless pedals, which means they securely attach your cycling shoes to the pedals for optimal power transfer and control. The clipless system allows you to pedal more efficiently by eliminating the need to constantly reposition your feet on the pedals. With a simple twist of the foot, you can easily engage and disengage from the pedals, providing a seamless and effortless riding experience. The clipless design also enhances safety by keeping your feet securely in place, even during fast descents or technical maneuvers.

Adjustable Release Angle

The Time Xpresso pedals offer adjustable release angles, allowing you to customize the amount of float and release tension according to your preference. The release angle refers to the degree at which your foot can rotate before disengaging from the pedal. A higher release angle provides more float, allowing your foot to move more freely, while a lower release angle offers a more locked-in feel. By adjusting the release angle, you can find the perfect balance between stability and freedom of movement, ensuring a comfortable and efficient pedal stroke.

Compatible Cleats

Time Xpresso pedals are compatible with Xpro/Xpresso cleats, which are available in different float options. Float refers to the degree of lateral movement your foot has while clipped into the pedal. The Xpro/Xpresso cleats offer a range of float options, allowing you to find the ideal amount of foot movement for your riding style. Additionally, the cleats feature a durable construction and a secure engagement mechanism, ensuring a reliable connection between your shoes and the pedals. With Time Xpresso pedals and compatible cleats, you can enjoy a smooth and efficient pedal stroke, maximizing your performance on the bike.