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Sram Direct Mount Crankset

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Looking for a high-performance crankset for your bike? Explore our selection of direct mount cranksets, designed to provide optimal power transfer and efficiency. These cranksets are compatible with a range of drivetrain systems and offer a secure and reliable connection between the crank arms and chainrings. With options for various speeds and tooth configurations, you can find the perfect direct mount crankset to suit your riding style and preferences. Made from durable materials, these cranksets are built to withstand the demands of intense cycling and deliver consistent performance mile after mile.

Enhanced Power Transfer

Direct mount cranksets are engineered to maximize power transfer from your legs to the drivetrain, ensuring every pedal stroke counts. By eliminating the need for a spider, these cranksets provide a direct connection between the crank arms and chainrings, reducing flex and improving efficiency. This results in a more responsive and efficient ride, allowing you to generate more power and speed on the road or trail.

Durable and Lightweight

Constructed from high-quality materials, direct mount cranksets offer a winning combination of durability and lightweight design. The use of advanced alloys and carbon fiber components helps to reduce weight without compromising strength or reliability. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a lightweight crankset that enhances your bike's overall performance while withstanding the rigors of demanding riding conditions.

Versatile Compatibility

Our selection of direct mount cranksets is designed to be compatible with a range of drivetrain systems, ensuring easy integration into your bike setup. Whether you're running a 1x or 2x system, you can find a direct mount crankset that suits your specific needs. With options for different chainring sizes and tooth configurations, you can customize your gearing to match your riding style, whether you're tackling steep climbs or sprinting on flat terrain.