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Road Bike Component Set

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Upgrade your road bike with a high-quality component set that will enhance your performance and take your riding to the next level. A road bike component set includes a range of parts that are designed to work together seamlessly, providing you with a smooth and efficient ride. From brake levers and calipers to wheelsets and shifters, these components are built to withstand the demands of road cycling and deliver optimal performance. With features like carbon construction for lightweight strength, aerodynamic designs for improved speed, and precise shifting for seamless gear changes, a road bike component set will help you ride faster, smoother, and with greater control.

Brake Levers and Calipers

Brake levers and calipers are essential components for road bike safety and control. They provide reliable stopping power and allow you to modulate your speed with precision. Whether you prefer carbon or alloy construction, these brake sets are designed to deliver consistent performance in all weather conditions. With features like adjustable reach and ergonomic designs, they ensure comfort and confidence during your rides. Upgrade your road bike with a high-quality brake lever and caliper set to enhance your braking performance and ride with peace of mind.


A high-quality wheelset can significantly improve your road bike's performance. Carbon tubular or alloy wheelsets offer lightweight construction and aerodynamic designs, allowing you to ride faster and with less effort. With features like tubeless compatibility and disc brake options, these wheelsets provide versatility and adaptability to different road conditions. Whether you're racing or enjoying long rides, upgrading to a reliable and durable wheelset will enhance your road bike's speed, stability, and overall performance.


Precise shifting is crucial for road cyclists, and a high-quality shifter lever set can make a significant difference in your riding experience. With electronic or mechanical options, these shifters offer smooth and accurate gear changes, allowing you to maintain your cadence and optimize your power output. Ergonomic designs and customizable settings ensure comfort and efficiency during long rides. Upgrade to a top-of-the-line shifter lever set to enjoy seamless shifting and take your road bike performance to new heights.