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Protective Film For Bikes

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Protective film for bikes is a must-have for any cyclist looking to keep their bike in pristine condition. These films provide a layer of protection against scratches, chips, and other damage that can occur during rides. With a transparent and durable design, these films are virtually invisible once applied to the bike's frame, fork, or other components. Whether you're a road cyclist, mountain biker, or e-bike enthusiast, protective film is a great investment to ensure your bike stays looking new for longer.

Frame Protection Kits

Frame protection kits are specifically designed to safeguard your bike's frame from scratches, chips, and abrasions. These kits typically include pre-cut pieces of film that can be easily applied to the most vulnerable areas of your bike, such as the top tube, down tube, chainstays, and seatstays. Made from high-quality materials, these films are resistant to UV rays, dirt, and moisture, ensuring long-lasting protection for your bike's frame.

Fork Protection Kits

Fork protection kits are designed to shield your bike's front suspension fork from damage caused by rocks, debris, and other trail hazards. These kits often include custom-cut pieces of film that can be applied to the fork's lowers and uppers. With their strong adhesive and impact-resistant properties, fork protection films provide an extra layer of defense against scratches, scuffs, and dings, preserving the performance and appearance of your fork.

Full Bike Protection Tape

Full bike protection tape offers comprehensive coverage for your entire bike, including the frame, fork, chainstays, seatstays, and other vulnerable areas. This tape is typically transparent and matte, providing a subtle and seamless look once applied. With its self-healing properties, full bike protection tape can even repair minor scratches and abrasions, keeping your bike looking fresh and new. Whether you ride on roads or trails, full bike protection tape is an excellent choice for those seeking maximum protection for their beloved ride.