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Pro Vibe Carbon Handlebar

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Elevate your cycling performance with the Pro Vibe Carbon Handlebar. Designed with precision and crafted from high-quality carbon fiber, these handlebars offer a lightweight and durable solution for riders seeking optimal control and comfort. With a 31.8mm clamp diameter, these handlebars provide a secure and stable connection to your bike. Whether you're a road cyclist looking for an aerodynamic advantage or a mountain biker in need of a sturdy and responsive handlebar, the Pro Vibe Carbon Handlebar delivers exceptional performance and reliability.

Superlight Design

The Pro Vibe Carbon Handlebar features a superlight design that reduces weight without compromising strength or stiffness. Crafted from carbon fiber, these handlebars offer excellent power transfer and responsiveness, allowing you to ride with confidence and efficiency. The lightweight construction also helps to minimize fatigue, enabling you to ride longer and push harder.

Aerodynamic Advantage

For riders seeking an aerodynamic advantage, the Pro Vibe Carbon Handlebar offers a sleek and streamlined profile. The compact design and integrated cable routing reduce drag, allowing you to slice through the wind with ease. Whether you're racing against the clock or competing in a group ride, these handlebars provide the aerodynamic edge you need to gain that extra speed.

Sturdy and Reliable

Constructed from high-quality carbon fiber, the Pro Vibe Carbon Handlebar is built to withstand the demands of intense riding. The carbon fiber material offers excellent strength and durability, ensuring that these handlebars can handle rough terrains and aggressive riding styles. With a secure 31.8mm clamp diameter, you can trust that these handlebars will provide a stable and reliable connection to your bike, giving you the confidence to tackle any challenge.