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Off-Road Chest Protector

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Off-road chest protectors are essential gear for riders hitting the trails, offering vital protection for the chest and back. These protectors are designed to absorb impact and shield against roost and debris, keeping riders safe during off-road adventures. Featuring durable construction and adjustable straps for a secure fit, off-road chest protectors provide peace of mind while riding through rugged terrain.

Impact Protection

Off-road chest protectors are equipped with impact-absorbing materials to reduce the force of collisions and falls. The protective padding disperses energy to minimize the risk of injury to the chest and back, ensuring riders can push their limits with confidence.

Roost Guard

Roost guards on off-road chest protectors shield riders from flying debris kicked up by other riders or the terrain. These guards deflect rocks, dirt, and branches, preventing injuries and keeping riders focused on the trail ahead without worrying about getting hit by roost.

Adjustable Fit

Off-road chest protectors feature adjustable straps and closures to ensure a customized and secure fit for riders of all sizes. The adjustable design allows for a comfortable and snug fit, preventing the protector from shifting during intense riding sessions and providing maximum protection when it's needed most.