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Disc Brake Kits

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Upgrade your bike's braking power with high-quality disc brake kits. These kits offer superior stopping performance, improved modulation, and increased durability compared to traditional rim brakes. With a wide range of options available, you can find the perfect disc brake kit to suit your riding style and needs. Whether you're a mountain biker tackling technical trails or a road cyclist seeking reliable stopping power, disc brake kits provide the confidence and control you need on every ride.

Hydraulic Disc Brake Sets

Hydraulic disc brake sets offer precise and powerful braking performance. With hydraulic fluid transferring force from the brake lever to the caliper, these kits provide consistent and reliable stopping power, even in wet and muddy conditions. The J-Kit design ensures easy installation and maintenance, making it a popular choice among cyclists. Choose from a variety of options, including right/rear or left/front configurations, to find the perfect hydraulic disc brake set for your bike.

Disc Brake Hydraulic Hose Kits

Disc brake hydraulic hose kits are essential for maintaining optimal brake performance. These kits include high-quality hoses that ensure efficient fluid transfer and reliable braking. Available in black or silver banjo fittings, these hydraulic hose kits are compatible with a range of disc brake systems. Regularly replacing your hydraulic hose kit helps prevent leaks and ensures consistent and responsive braking on every ride.

Brake Kits with Calipers

Brake kits with calipers provide a complete solution for upgrading your bike's braking system. These kits include both the brake lever and caliper, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. With options like the Hayes Dominion A4 Brake Kit or the Shimano Saint BR-M820 Hydraulic Front/Rear Brake Caliper, you can enjoy powerful and reliable braking on any terrain. Choose the right brake kit with calipers to enhance your bike's stopping power and ride with confidence.