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Di2 Ultegra Derailleur

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Upgrade your bike's shifting performance with a Di2 Ultegra derailleur. These high-quality derailleurs offer precise and reliable shifting, ensuring smooth gear changes every time. Designed for both road and TT bikes, Di2 Ultegra derailleurs are available for front and rear shifting, with options for different speeds and cage lengths. With advanced technology and durable construction, these derailleurs are built to withstand the demands of intense cycling. Whether you're a professional racer or a passionate cyclist, a Di2 Ultegra derailleur will enhance your riding experience and help you achieve optimal performance on the road.

Front Derailleurs

Di2 Ultegra front derailleurs provide fast and accurate shifting between chainrings, ensuring smooth transitions and efficient power transfer. With options for different speeds and mounting styles, these front derailleurs are compatible with a wide range of bikes. The braze-on design offers a sleek and integrated look, while the clamp-on version provides versatility for bikes without a braze-on mount. Designed for precise and reliable performance, Di2 Ultegra front derailleurs are a must-have for any serious cyclist.

Rear Derailleurs

Di2 Ultegra rear derailleurs deliver quick and precise shifting across the cassette, allowing you to find the perfect gear for any terrain. With options for different speeds and cage lengths, these rear derailleurs accommodate various drivetrain setups. The short cage version is ideal for standard road bikes, while the medium cage version is suitable for bikes with a wider gear range. Built with durability and performance in mind, Di2 Ultegra rear derailleurs ensure smooth and reliable shifting mile after mile.

TT Shifters/Brake Levers

Di2 Ultegra TT shifters/brake levers are specifically designed for time trial and triathlon bikes, offering precise and efficient shifting in an aerodynamic package. With ergonomic designs and intuitive controls, these shifters/brake levers allow you to maintain your aero position while changing gears. Compatible with 2x11 speed drivetrains, Di2 Ultegra TT shifters/brake levers provide seamless shifting performance, giving you a competitive edge in races against the clock.