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Di2 Junction Box

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Upgrade your Di2 electronic shifting system with a high-quality junction box. Di2 junction boxes are essential components that connect and manage the wiring of your Di2 system, ensuring smooth and precise shifting. These junction boxes are designed to be durable and reliable, providing a secure connection for your Di2 components. With options for both internal and external wire routing, you can find the perfect junction box to suit your bike's setup. Explore our selection of Di2 junction boxes and enhance your shifting performance today.

Internal Junction Boxes

Internal junction boxes are designed to be installed inside the frame of your bike, providing a clean and streamlined look. These junction boxes are typically smaller in size and can accommodate multiple ports for connecting various Di2 components. With options for 3 or 4 ports, you can easily connect your shifters, derailleurs, and other Di2 accessories. Internal junction boxes are a popular choice for road bikes and offer a seamless integration with your frame.

External Junction Boxes

External junction boxes are designed to be mounted externally on your bike's frame, making them easily accessible for maintenance and adjustments. These junction boxes are slightly larger in size and offer multiple ports for connecting your Di2 components. With options for 5 ports, you can connect a wide range of Di2 accessories, including shifters, derailleurs, and even a wireless unit. External junction boxes are a versatile choice for various bike setups and provide convenient access to your Di2 system.

Wireless Unit and System Information Display

In addition to junction boxes, you can also find other Di2 accessories like wireless units and system information displays. A wireless unit allows you to connect your Di2 system to your smartphone or cycling computer, providing additional functionality and customization options. A system information display provides real-time data and feedback on your Di2 system, allowing you to monitor battery levels, gear positions, and more. These accessories enhance your overall Di2 experience and provide valuable insights into your shifting performance.