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Carbon Fiber 29" Wheels

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Upgrade your mountain bike with high-performance carbon fiber 29" wheels for enhanced speed, agility, and durability. Carbon fiber construction provides a lightweight yet strong and stiff wheelset that can handle the demands of aggressive trail riding and racing. These wheels are designed to be tubeless-ready, allowing you to run lower tire pressures for improved traction and control. With various options available, including front and rear wheels as well as wheelsets, you can find the perfect carbon fiber 29" wheels to suit your riding style and preferences. Experience the benefits of carbon fiber technology and take your mountain biking to the next level.

Front Wheels

Carbon fiber 29" front wheels offer exceptional performance and responsiveness. With their lightweight construction and optimized design, these wheels provide quick acceleration and precise handling. The carbon fiber material absorbs trail vibrations, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride. Whether you're tackling technical climbs or navigating fast descents, a carbon fiber front wheel will give you the confidence and control you need to conquer any trail.

Rear Wheels

Carbon fiber 29" rear wheels deliver power transfer and durability. The stiffness of carbon fiber ensures efficient energy transfer from your pedals to the rear wheel, maximizing your pedaling efficiency. These wheels are built to withstand the rigors of off-road riding, providing reliable performance even in the most demanding conditions. Upgrade to a carbon fiber rear wheel and experience improved acceleration, climbing ability, and overall speed on the trails.


Carbon fiber 29" wheelsets offer the ultimate combination of performance and versatility. With a matching front and rear wheel, you'll experience balanced handling and consistent performance. These wheelsets are designed to work together seamlessly, providing optimal stiffness, strength, and durability. Whether you're a cross-country racer or a trail enthusiast, a carbon fiber wheelset will enhance your riding experience, allowing you to push your limits and achieve new levels of performance.