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Cannonball Tires

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Looking for high-performance cannonball tires for your road bike? Look no further! Our selection of cannonball tires offers the perfect combination of speed, durability, and reliability. Whether you're a casual rider or a seasoned cyclist, these tires are designed to enhance your riding experience on the road. With a tubeless design, you can say goodbye to flats and enjoy a smoother ride. The light and supple construction ensures excellent traction and cornering, while the durable compound provides long-lasting performance. Upgrade your road bike with our cannonball tires and conquer any terrain with confidence.

Tubeless Design

Our cannonball tires feature a tubeless design, which means you can ride with peace of mind knowing that you're less likely to experience flats. The tubeless setup eliminates the need for inner tubes, reducing the risk of punctures and improving overall performance. With a tubeless system, you can run lower tire pressures for better traction and a smoother ride. Say goodbye to pinch flats and hello to a more enjoyable cycling experience.

Light and Supple Construction

Designed for speed and agility, our cannonball tires are constructed with a light and supple casing. This construction allows the tires to conform to the road surface, providing excellent grip and control. The lightweight design reduces rolling resistance, allowing you to ride faster and more efficiently. Whether you're racing or going for a leisurely ride, these tires will enhance your performance and make every pedal stroke count.

Durable Compound

While speed and performance are important, durability is also a key factor when it comes to cannonball tires. Our selection features tires with a durable compound that can withstand the demands of the road. The fast compound ensures low rolling resistance, while the durable construction provides long-lasting performance. Whether you're tackling rough roads or going for long rides, these tires will stand up to the challenge and keep you rolling smoothly.