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Cane Creek Bicycle

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Looking for high-quality components for your Cane Creek bicycle? Look no further! Our selection of Cane Creek products offers top-notch performance and durability for all your cycling needs. From headsets and bottom brackets to brakes and suspension seatposts, we have everything you need to upgrade and enhance your ride. With features like precision engineering, lightweight construction, and smooth operation, Cane Creek components are designed to deliver optimal performance on the trails or the road. Browse our wide range of Cane Creek products and take your cycling experience to the next level.


Upgrade your Cane Creek bicycle with a high-quality headset. Designed for precision and durability, Cane Creek headsets ensure smooth steering and reliable performance. With options like the 110-Series and Hellbender 70, you can choose the perfect headset for your bike. Whether you're a road cyclist or a mountain biker, a Cane Creek headset will provide the stability and control you need for a confident ride.

Bottom Brackets

Enhance the efficiency and performance of your Cane Creek bicycle with a top-of-the-line bottom bracket. Cane Creek offers a range of bottom brackets, including the Hellbender 70 and Hellbender 110, designed to provide smooth and reliable power transfer. With options for different cranksets and frame standards, you can find the perfect bottom bracket to fit your bike and optimize your pedaling efficiency.

Brakes and Suspension

Experience superior stopping power and control with Cane Creek brakes. The G4 eeBrake is a popular choice for its lightweight design and exceptional performance. Pair it with a Cane Creek suspension seatpost like the eeSilk+ for added comfort and vibration damping on rough terrain. For mountain bikers, the Helm MKII Coil fork offers 160mm of plush suspension travel to tackle even the most challenging trails. Upgrade your Cane Creek bicycle with these high-performance components and elevate your riding experience.