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40Mm Road Tires

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Upgrade your road bike with high-performance 40mm road tires for a smoother and more versatile ride. These tires are designed to provide excellent traction, durability, and speed on various road surfaces, making them perfect for both training and racing. With features like tubeless compatibility, high TPI (threads per inch) for enhanced puncture resistance, and advanced compounds for optimal grip and rolling resistance, these tires deliver exceptional performance. Whether you're tackling rough roads, gravel paths, or mixed terrain, 40mm road tires offer the perfect balance of comfort, control, and speed. Explore our wide selection of top-quality options and take your road cycling experience to the next level.

Tubeless Performance

Experience the benefits of tubeless technology with 40mm road tires that offer improved puncture resistance, lower rolling resistance, and enhanced grip. Tubeless tires allow you to run lower tire pressures for a smoother ride and better traction, while also reducing the risk of flats. With airtight seals and reliable bead retention, these tires ensure a hassle-free tubeless setup and maintenance. Enjoy the freedom of riding without tubes and unlock the full potential of your road bike.

Durable and Reliable

Designed to withstand the demands of road cycling, 40mm road tires are built to be durable and reliable. With high TPI (threads per inch) ratings, these tires offer increased puncture resistance and longevity, allowing you to ride with confidence on various road surfaces. The advanced compounds used in these tires strike the perfect balance between grip and rolling resistance, ensuring optimal performance in both wet and dry conditions. Invest in tires that can handle the challenges of the road and keep you rolling mile after mile.

Versatile Performance

Whether you're exploring new routes, tackling gravel sections, or simply seeking a more comfortable ride, 40mm road tires provide versatile performance for a wide range of road conditions. With their wider profile, these tires offer increased stability and comfort, absorbing road vibrations and providing better traction on rough surfaces. Experience the freedom to venture off the beaten path while maintaining the speed and efficiency of a road bike. Upgrade to 40mm road tires and unlock new possibilities for your cycling adventures.