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12 Speed Bike Parts

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Upgrade your 12-speed bike with high-quality parts designed to enhance your riding experience. From chains to cassettes and derailleurs, these 12-speed bike parts are built to deliver smooth and precise shifting, improved durability, and optimal performance. Whether you're a professional cyclist or a recreational rider, these parts offer the reliability and functionality you need to conquer any terrain. With options from top brands, you can trust that these 12-speed bike parts will withstand the demands of your rides and help you reach new levels of speed and efficiency.

12-Speed Chains

Experience seamless gear transitions with our selection of 12-speed chains. These chains are specifically designed for 12-speed drivetrains, offering precise and reliable shifting performance. With varying link counts and durable construction, these chains provide the strength and longevity needed for intense rides. Whether you're tackling steep climbs or sprinting on flat roads, these 12-speed chains will keep your drivetrain running smoothly.

12-Speed Cassettes

Optimize your gear range with our range of 12-speed cassettes. These cassettes feature a wide range of gear ratios, allowing you to find the perfect cadence for any terrain. With options like lightweight and durable construction, these cassettes deliver smooth and efficient shifting. Whether you're a road cyclist or a mountain biker, these 12-speed cassettes will help you conquer any challenge.

12-Speed Derailleurs

Upgrade your shifting performance with our selection of 12-speed derailleurs. These derailleurs are designed to provide precise and reliable gear changes, ensuring smooth transitions between gears. With options like long cage or short cage designs, these derailleurs accommodate different riding styles and gear ratios. Whether you're a competitive racer or a casual rider, these 12-speed derailleurs will enhance your overall riding experience.