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105 Hydraulic Brake

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Upgrade your bike's braking performance with 105 hydraulic brakes. Designed for precision and reliability, these hydraulic brake systems offer powerful stopping power and smooth modulation, giving you confidence and control on the road or trail. With features like adjustable reach, easy installation, and compatibility with 105 shifters, these hydraulic brakes are a great choice for cyclists looking to enhance their riding experience. Whether you're a seasoned racer or a recreational rider, 105 hydraulic brakes provide the performance and reliability you need for a safe and enjoyable ride.

Front Brake Caliper

The front brake caliper is an essential component of the hydraulic brake system. It attaches to the front fork and houses the brake pads and pistons. The 105 hydraulic front brake caliper offers excellent stopping power and precise control, allowing you to confidently navigate corners and descents. With its durable construction and easy installation, this front brake caliper is a reliable choice for riders of all levels.

Rear Brake Caliper

The rear brake caliper is responsible for providing stopping power to the rear wheel. The 105 hydraulic rear brake caliper delivers consistent and reliable braking performance, ensuring you can slow down or come to a complete stop with ease. Its sleek design and high-quality construction make it a great addition to any bike, whether you're riding on the road or hitting the trails.

Hydraulic Brake/Shifter

The hydraulic brake/shifter is a versatile component that combines the functionality of a brake lever and a shifter. The 105 hydraulic brake/shifter is designed for 2x12 speed drivetrains, offering smooth and precise shifting along with powerful braking performance. With its ergonomic design and easy reach adjustment, this hydraulic brake/shifter provides a comfortable and efficient riding experience. Upgrade your bike with the 105 hydraulic brake/shifter and enjoy seamless shifting and reliable braking on your next ride.