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Shop 100% sunglasses for mountain and road biking today at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Browse popular models for sale such as the Hypercraft, SPEEDCRAFT, S3, S2, and more.

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100% Sunglasses are the perfect choice for mountain and road biking. The brand has its roots in American motocross culture, having been linked to many iconic moments that shaped modern motocross. As awareness of 100% brand grows across Motocross, Downhill slopes, and BMX tracks, it continues to capture a new generation. Get your own piece of premium eyewear from 100%, for the ultimate comfort with maximum clarity on any outdoor adventure. 

Their UltraCarbon™ construction, blends stability and flexibility of nylon with the strength of carbon fiber, this makes the Hypercraft and Legere sunglasses the lightest frames you’ll ever wear. Not only are they feather-light but also have a unique look that reveals its high-definition shield lens, giving you an unparalleled visual experience. 

100% Sunglasses



Make a statement with 100% Hypercraft® sunglasses. Featuring UltraCarbon™ technology, the 100%® frameless Hypercraft® sunglass is lighter, stronger, and more dynamic than any performance shield on the market. With its sleek design and superior construction, the Hypercraft® sunglasses will take you from the street to the mountain in style and provide superior optical performance.


Be prepared for the toughest conditions with the Racetrap sunglasses. Featuring an even larger field of vision and an enhanced, snugger fit than the Speedtrap sunglasses. With its advanced design and robust construction, you can be sure that the Racetrap sunglasses will keep you protected in any environment.


Achieve the perfect balance of timeless style and premium frame and lens technology with the Glendale sunglasses. Designed to provide the best optical performance, the Glendale sunglasses are perfect for all types of riders, providing clarity and protection in any environment. From urban riding to mountain biking, the Glendale sunglasses will be your go-to sunglass.


Make a statement with the S3 sunglasses. Featuring a subtly softened angularity with unwavering power, the S3 sunglasses provide superior optical performance for any adventure. With its sophisticated styling and lightweight construction, the S3 sunglasses will keep you looking great and feeling comfortable while pushing your limits.


Visit us at our Louisville, Colorado Bike Store to see our full 100% collection in person.