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1988 Cunningham Expedition #26c

The Cunningham Expedition was unusual by '80s road bike standards, in part because it was more than just a road bike. It was designed to comfortably accept tires as large as 35mm, making it a "gravel grinder" well before the term was invented. The bike used a massively over-sized seatpost to allow a radically sloping toptube, mounted the rear brake under the chainstays, and the back of the seattube was dimpled to allow adequate tire clearance with short chainstays. The rear hub spacing was 135mm to make for a stronger wheel by reducing dish and the rear rim was 700c while the front rim that was 27 inches for improved handling. In classic Cunningham style it was a bike that was way, WAY ahead of its time.

Written by: Jarrad Lokes

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Posted in:year-1988