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New Bikes We're Riding in 2020

New bike day is the best. From gravel bikes like the new Niner RLT 9 RDO to mountain bikes like Santa Cruz Tallboy 4, here are the five bikes our employees are excited to ride in 2020.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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A new (or new to you) bike is full of hope and possibility. It represents the potential for better fitness, stress relief, ambitious rides, and fun, above all else. For some, the search for the perfect new bike is filled with endless research and indecision. But it's always worth the time and effort to experience the euphoria and excitement of new bike day

Several riders at The Pro's Closet have found new bikes for 2020. Some waited patiently for months until their ideal bike finally appeared in our inventory. Others came in with no intention of buying a bike but boldly pulled the trigger before the day was done. As I eagerly await the joy of my next bike purchase, I decided to ask these lucky riders why they chose their new bikes and what they plan to do with them. Here are five bikes our employees are excited to ride in the new year. 

Niner RLT 9 RDO

Niner RLT 9 RDO Gravel BikeJesse Ihns, reactive purchasing manager

"I chose the RLT 9 because I had been so impressed with the previous (2019) version of it. Specifically, I loved how all-purpose it was. It could handle everything from fast summer training rides to loaded winter commuting. With the 2020 model, I am most excited to run frame bags that are custom made for the frame and attach via mounts. With the frame bags, I hope to do some more touring and bikepacking. Until then, it will continue to be my faithful winter commuter."

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Specialized Allez Sprint

Specialized Allez Sprint SRAM Red eTap Raod BikeWyatt Gaulke, bike technician

"This Specialized Allez Sprint is my bike for Primal Audi Denver, my new team. I've already been racing on past models of the Allez Sprint for a few years and its a really good bike, fast and stiff. It’s more than competitive enough for racing at a high level. For crit racing, it’s tough and inexpensive, which is key. I'll be racing hard in the USA Criterium series on it."

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Orbea Occam M10

2020 Orbea Occam 140mm mountain bikeParker Lindley, software developer

"I've been looking forward to trying out Orbea's mountain bike lineup after riding and racing the Orca Aero road bike all last year. I loved the thought and design that went into that bike. With the Occam, I'm upgrading from a 2016 Santa Cruz Tallboy with 120mm of travel. I raced XC on that bike but I wanted to move to a bigger bike that’s more slacked-out. I’m looking forward to having more modern geometry, suspension with new features (so many dials!), and just hitting bigger features on harder trails. I want to use the Occam explore a lot of the high country trails up in Nederland, Colorado and do some hard riding with my friends, probably in Utah."

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Ibis Mojo HD5

Ibis Mojo HD5 27.5" Mountain BikeCharlie Madden, curriculum development manager

"I’ve never owned an Ibis before, but I've always liked them. I fell in love with the color with the red accents of the new Mojo HD5. I’ve already made some upgrades to the build. I’m loving the Bike Yoke Revive dropper seatpost and the Santa Cruz Reserve 30 carbon wheels, but my favorite change for 2020 might be the new Shimano XT 12-speed drivetrain. The geometry's improved too and the steeper seat tube angle on the new Mojo definitely makes the climbs a little more pleasant. The 4-way damping on the Fox Float X2 is a lot (maybe too much) to play with. Hopefully, I should have the suspension sorted in the next ride or two. I'm really looking forward to riding all the local secret gnarly trails I know and hitting Keystone Bike Park and any other trails that justify having the big 170mm fork."

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Santa Cruz Tallboy 4 C

Santa Cruz Tallboy 4 Trust the Message Fork Zipp Moto Carbon WheelsSpencer Powlison, content marketing manager

"Finding a new mountain bike was an existential crisis for me. On one hand, I love bikes that are capable enough for Colorado's rockiest, steepest, toughest descents. On the other, I occasionally dabble in marathon XC races, like the Whiskey Off-Road and other 50-ish mile events. Did I want a dedicated cross-country bike? Definitely not. Would I be happy racing a 150mm-travel enduro bike? Unlikely. Then Santa Cruz came out swinging this summer with its new Tallboy 4. This was the bike I'd been waiting for. It has geometry like an enduro bike but shorter, efficient travel that won't be excessive on long rides or in the occasional race. I've already signed up for the 50-mile True Grit mountain bike race in Utah this spring, and I'm planning to race the Downieville Classic on my new Tallboy as well. Aside from that, it'll get plenty of use on all manner of rides this summer, from after-work rides up the canyon to camping trips in the desert. Oh, and I know what you're thinking: 'What the hell is that fork?!" That's a Trust Message. Stay tuned for my full review of this radical, carbon-fiber linkage fork."

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If you’re ready for your next new bike day, The Pro’s Closet has hundreds of bikes available with new bikes added daily. If you're looking for guidance in your search for a new bike, don't hesitate to contact our Ride Guides for advice. 

What bike are you riding for 2020? Or are you still dreaming about a special bike in particular? Let us know in the comments!