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Personality test: Which classic MTB are you?

By Bruce Lin


If you love bikes, you've probably experienced a special connection with a particular bike you've ridden or just seen. Sometimes, it's the bike that chooses you. So let's do some matchmaking. Take this quiz to find out which legendary mountain bike from our museum is your spirit animal!

Bikes reflect the personalities of their riders. Answer the questions in this quiz honestly, and you'll discover the classic bike that reflects your true self. When you're done, scroll down to find links to read more about these amazing bikes. 






Tinker Juarez's 1993 Klein Adroit Team Storm

Travis Brown's 1991 Manitou Bradbury Full-Suspension

Myles Rockwell's 1998 Cannondale Fulcrum DH

The 1992 Slingshot Team Issue

The 1978 Breezer Series I

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