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Unpack This: Fox Factory 34 vs. 36 vs. 38 MTB Forks

If you're interested in upgrading your trail or enduro bike, Fox Factory suspension forks should be at the top of your wish list. The latest Fox 34, 36, and 38 use the best tech to maximize your mountain bike's downhill performance.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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Fox Factory Series forks use the best materials and dampers for maximum performance, plus they come with Fox’s signature Kashima coated stanchions — a special gold coating used to reduce stiction. TPC is now carrying Fox’s full fork line-up and most riders looking to upgrade their trail or enduro bike will be choosing between top sellers like the Fox 34, 36, and 38. Here’s what you need to know. 

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2022+ Fox Factory Fork Updates

Fox’s fork line-up received a few major updates in 2022: 

  • Redesigned lowers with a round arch that increases stiffness
  • Air bypass channels which provide extra room for air to move in the lowers as the fork compresses. This makes it easier to use the fork’s full travel.
  • 36 and 38 forks get air bleeder valves that let you release air trapped in the lowers (which can happen due to temperature or altitude changes) keeping the fork feeling supple. 
  • 36 and 38 forks get floating axles which keep the lowers perfectly aligned for less stiction. 
  • Factory Series forks get two damper options: FIT4 and GRIP2 
  • Factory Series forks are available in two colors — standard black and Factory orange
  • Available in 44mm and 51mm offset options

FIT4 vs. GRIP2 dampers

Fox factory FIT4 vs. GRIP2 damper


  • Three-position compression adjust lever on the top cap with a climb, trail, and open (descend) mode. 
  • Low-speed compression can be fine-tuned in the open mode with a black knob in the center of the top cap lever. 
  • Simpler and more affordable


  • Costs more, but provides the most adjustability. 
  • Uses patented Variable Valve Control (VVC) technology with high- and low-speed compression damping adjustment and independent high and low-speed rebound damping adjustment. 
  • Ideal damper for riders who want to fine-tune their fork for their trails and riding style to maximize performance. 

FOX 34 Factory

[product-block handle="fox-34-factory-29-140mm-15x110mm-fork-44mm-offset-2023-shiny-orange-grip2-kabolt-x"/]

  • Available travel: 130mm. 140mm
  • Stanchion diameter: 34mm
  • Dampers: FIT4, GRIP2
  • Claimed weight: 1,738g g (29” - Factory FIT4)

Who it’s for: Riders who want a versatile but capable, mid-weight and mid-travel fork for a downcountry bike or allrounder trail bike.

FOX 36 Factory

[product-block handle="fox-36-factory-29-150mm-fork-15qrx110mm-44mm-offset-2023-shiny-black-grip2"/]

  • Available travel: 150mm, 160mm
  • Stanchion diameter: 36mm
  • Dampers: GRIP, FIT4, GRIP2
  • Claimed weight: 1,942g (29” - Factory FIT4)

Who it’s for: Riders who frequently ride steep and gnarly terrain but don’t want the extra stiffness or weight of the 38. 

FOX 38 Factory

[product-block handle="fox-38-factory-29-180mm-fork-15qrx110mm-44mm-offset-2023-shiny-black-grip2"/]

  • Available travel: 160mm, 170mm, 180mm
  • Stanchion diameter: 38mm
  • Dampers: GRIP, GRIP2
  • Claimed weight: 2,180g (29” - Factory GRIP2)

Who it’s for: Enduro racers, freeriders, and park riders who prioritize stiffness, long travel, and downhill performance above all else.

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