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TradeUP Program with Giant and Liv Bikes: How it Works

Trade-in your used bike to get a new Giant or Liv bicycle. This program is a first for the bike industry. Cyclists can easily sell their road bike, mountain bike, gravel bike, or anything else to get credit toward a bike from Giant or Liv.

Written by: Spencer Powlison

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The Pro’s Closet has a huge new TradeUP partnership. In fact, it’s Giant! We’ve teamed up with the folks at Giant and Liv USA to offer cyclists like you an easy way to upgrade your bike to a new Giant or Liv.

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming about your next bike, a Giant or Liv that will take your cycling experience to the next level. There’s just one little problem. How do you unlock the value of your current bike to get that dream ride?

Giant Liv trade-up

The partnership between The Pro’s Closet and Giant solves that problem, letting you trade in your Giant, Liv, or any other brand bike for something new. It’s like how you can trade in your car for something bigger, faster, or more leathery except without the icky auto dealership vibes.

Here is how TradeUP with Giant and Liv works.

How do I start the process of trading in my bike?

We have a special Sell // Trade site setup for Giant and Liv customers. Start your submission on or Take two photos of your bike, submit some basic details in the online form, and one of TPC’s bike experts will appraise your bike. If we like it, we’ll give you an offer in 24 hours or less.

Okay, I like the offer and I accept it. What happens next?

You’ll get a TradeUP voucher that can be redeemed through an online order with a participating Giant/Liv retailer. Basically, you find the bike you want at a participating bike shop of your choosing, apply your voucher, and order your new bike!

Are there any restrictions to how I use this TradeUP voucher?

Giant/Liv TradeUP vouchers must be used in full at one checkout, and your cart value must equal or exceed the voucher’s value. If an item on a TradeUP order cannot be fulfilled, the full order must be canceled. There are no partial cancellations for TradeUP orders.

How do I get my new bike once I’ve placed my order?

You’ll be notified when your selected retailer has your new bike ready to go. Bring in your TradeUP bike when you pick up your new bike. Make sure to remove any accessories from your trade-in bike that aren’t part of the offer. Your Giant/Liv retailer will inspect your trade-in bike and then they’ll take care of the rest — packing and shipping it to TPC. All you’ll have to worry about is which ride to choose for your new bike’s maiden voyage!