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The Ride of a Lifetime: How YOU Could Win the Biggest Prize in Cycling

TPC is giving riders the chance to win a new CPO bike every year, FOR LIFE. This is a massive prize. Here's what you need to know for a chance to win.

Written by: Bruce Lin

Published on:

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You could ride a new bike, for free, every year, for life

Does that sound absurd? Well, you’re right, it does. I can hardly believe it myself. TPC is giving away a ton of awesome prizes at The Great Spring Breakaway event this month and that is the grand prize. If you come to visit TPC’s Louisville CO headquarters during the event, you can enter to win “The Ride of a Lifetime.”  

Let's take a closer look at the grand prize and what you’ll need to do for the chance to win. 

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The Great Spring Breakaway 

TPC bike shop and retail storeWhen 

Saturday, Apr. 29, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Sunday, Apr. 30, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.


TPC Headquarters / Retail Store
1900 Taylor Avenue Louisville, CO 80027


The Great Spring Breakaway will be our biggest sale of the season. In-person shoppers will have access to exclusive markdowns on bikes, parts, apparel, and accessories. You can also demo hundreds of TPC Certified Pre-Owned Bikes and new models from our Brand Partners. Visitors can also take a factory tour, see our historic collection of vintage bikes and memorabilia, and explore a massive vendor expo. There will be free giveaways, live music, and local food trucks. 

The Ride of a Lifetime Grand Prize

The ride of a lifetime road bikesAll visitors have the chance to win a grand prize: "The Ride of a Lifetime." Here’s what the winner will get:

  • A Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) bike of your choice worth up to $5,000
  • The ability to get a different CPO bike each year worth up to $5,000 (A mandatory trade-in of the old bike is required)

This is the perfect chance to own your dream bike or try out the latest and greatest tech. It’s up to you. If you win, you essentially get the pro treatment for as long as you want it. Ride whatever you want, and if your goals or interests change over time, switch it up for something different the next year.

If you trade-in and get a different bike every year, you could ride $25,000 worth of bikes over the next 5 years. It truly is a dream opportunity for any bike lover. 

The ride of a lifetime MTBReal talk:

I work in the bike industry, so I already have access to a lot of great industry-only bike deals. But this prize seriously blows my mind. I wish I could enter, but as a TPC employee, I can’t =(. When we were drawing up plans for the grand prize, I thought “The Ride of a Lifetime” was a joke. But no, it’s real. The accountants, lawyers, and executives all cleared it. So here I am telling you about it. And I’m jealous as hell

Personally, I think a $5,000 CPO bike is an amazing offering. This is more than the vast majority of our customers spend on a bike. For me, a 10-year industry veteran and (sometimes) bike snob, I consider $5,000 to be the ideal price point. It won’t be a superbike, but it will be something with top-of-the-line performance and high-quality parts that can be ridden hard.

It’s actually what I usually spend on my own bikes. I also change up bikes every year, but I don’t get to do it for free. I think this prize will seriously make one lucky person the happiest rider in the world. 

But Wait, There's More

There can only be one grand prize winner, but there are also some great podium prizes: 

  • Second prize -  A limited edition The Radavist x Sklar Super Something gravel bike - $4,000
  • Third and fourth prize - An ENVE 45 or 65 Carbon Wheelset - $1750 - each winner will win one set 
  • Fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth prize - Free Bike Service Package - "Tune+" package with a retail value of $250 - each winner will receive one gift card to be redeemed

Plus, the event will have tons of great parts and accessories giveaways from Garmin, Shimano, Lazer, and Silca. 

How to Enter 

The ride of a lifetime gravelWhen you visit The Great Spring Breakaway, you will pick up a “passport” card when entering the event. This passport will have a punch list with key event stops. To be entered into the prize drawings, you will need to complete all the stops. Vendors/staff at each stop will stamp the passport when you visit. Once your passport card is completed, you return it to a TPC employee on your way out. It’s that easy!

After the event, 8 winners will be selected, including the grand prize winner, and they will be notified via email that they have won. 

If you’re in the area or able to travel to the event, stop by! It’s going to be the biggest bike event on the Front Range. We hope to see you there —  and good luck, I hope you win!

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