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The Best Bike Frames and Gear On Sale Right Now: June, 2023

A bunch of bike frames, components, and cycling gear are going on sale this month at TPC. I've been scouring our inventory in search of the hottest discounted items. Here's what I found.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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What’s better than getting new bike gear? Getting new bike gear on sale! If there’s one thing I love, it’s getting a good deal. That’s why I’m always hunting around the TPC website in search of new bikes, frames, wheels, components, and accessories to add to my growing collection (yeah, I’m an addict).

Some great stuff has gone on sale this month, but unfortunately, I can’t buy all of it. That’s why I put together this list of marked-down products that really caught my eye. If I can’t have them, maybe they’ll make another cyclist very happy

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Road Frames On SaleENVE Melee2022 ENVE Melee Rolling Chassis w/ SES 3.4 Wheelset

[product-block handle="2022-enve-melee-road-rolling-chassis-50cm-w-enve-ses-3-4"/]

Discount: $7,097.99 8,350.00

The Melee is ENVE’s first production road bike and it is SICK. It’s an aero frame with clearance for 35mm tires, which for me, is a dream combo. You get crit-winning speed and efficiency, but the versatility to hit rougher roads that might scare other race machines off. 

2018 Specialized Venge Pro Disc

[product-block handle="2018-specialized-venge-pro-disc-l-4"/]

Discount: $1,699.99 1,999.99

The Venge is my all-time favorite modern road bike, and I think this third-generation model is the best-looking one. The tube depth and sculpted shapes are just perfect. Not only that, but it’s lightweight too. I built one up that weighed the same as my friend’s Tarmac SL6. 

2022 Cervelo Caledonia 5

[product-block handle="2022-cervelo-caledonia-5-m-1"/]

Discount: $2,974.99 3,499.99

If I need one road bike to do everything, this is what I’d pick. You get a compliant semi-aero frame, endurance geometry, and 35mm tire clearance to handle all types of roads. You get the same snappy Cervelo feel as the R-Series in a much more comfortable package.

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Mountain Frames On Sale

Reeb SqweebREEB Cycles Sqweeb v4

[product-block handle="reeb-cycles-sqweeb-v4-m"/]

Discount: $1,954.99 2,299.99

I’m a REEB fanboy and I’ve owned two Sqweebs myself. These guys are legit small builders who really know their craft. The Sqweeb was one of the best-handling, most confidence-inspiring trail/enduro bikes I’ve ever ridden. It climbs well too and and is damn near indestructible. 

2021 Crust Shred Eagle

[product-block handle="2021-crust-shred-eagle-m "/]

Discount: $1,061.99 1,249.99

Crust is a brand that embodies laid-back coolness. If you’re in the market for a steel trail hardtail, the Shred Eagle is good-looking, but also super unique (27.5/26+ tires) and rare (it’s discontinued). Rip some flow trails. Go bikepacking. Set it up singlespeed. Look awesome doing it. 

2020 Specialized Enduro 

[product-block handle="2021-specialized-enduro-m-3 "/]

Discount: $1,784.99 2,099.99

I’ve been dreaming about owning one of the newer Enduros for years now. It has what I consider the ideal geo for enduro and bike park riding, and plenty of travel (170mm) to handle seriously big hits. It climbs well too! This one is so pretty, it might be the one for me.

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Gravel Frames On Sale

Rock Lobster custom

2020 Rock Lobster Custom Gravel Wireless

[product-block handle="2020-rock-lobster-gravel-l"/]

Discount: $928.99 1,699.99

Rock Lobsters are handmade in Santa Cruz, California by Paul Sadoff, who builds every bike himself. This beautiful custom alloy gravel frame is one-of-a-kind. The matching, custom-painted ENVE fork, Zipp stem, and seatpost are just killer. If only I were tall enough to ride it. 

2022 3T Exploro RaceMax

[product-block handle="2022-3t-exploro-racemax-xl"/]

Discount: $2,124.99 2,499.99

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Exploro RaceMax. Unfortunately, I never got to own one because my friend Spencer bought one and I didn’t want to copy him. It’s an aero gravel bike with lots of tire clearance. The type of bike I want to crush my future gravel races.  

2021 BMC Urs 01

[product-block handle="2021-bmc-urs-l-2 "/]

Discount: $1,996.99 2,349.99

The Urs is built to be UnReStricted. The geometry slack (70° head angle) with a long reach and wheelbase for stability and confidence on technical descents and trails. Add BMC's Micro Travel Technology (MTT) in the rear, and this thing is ready to send it on rough gravel and singletrack.

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Bike Components On Sale

ENVE SES 3.4 & G23 Carbon Wheelsets

[product-block handle="2022-enve-ses-3-4c-tubeless-carbon-wheel-set-hg11"/]

Discount: $2,422.99 2,850.00

[product-block handle="enve-g23-carbon-tubeless-700c-wheelset-2"/]

Discount: $2,167.99 2,550.00

ENVE is always the first wheel brand I think of when it comes to the ultimate combo of bling and performance. The SES 3.4 and G23 are the wheels I’d put on my road and gravel bike (if I could afford them!). They’re beautiful, aero, compliant, and come with a killer lifetime warranty. 

Cane Creek eeWings

[product-block handle="cane-creek-eewings-all-road-crank-assembly"/]

[product-block handle="cane-creek-eewings-mountain-crank-assembly "/]

Discount: $934.99 1,099.99

eeWings are another product I dream of owning someday. My co-workers who own them love them, and they keep them to move from bike to bike. These blingy titanium crank arms might be expensive, but they will seriously last forever. 

Shimano Ultegra Di2 12-Speed Shifter/Brakes

[product-block handle="7132508979392-shimano-ultegra-st-r8170-br-r8170-di2-left-front-shifter-brake-lever-2x12-speed"/]

[product-block handle="7132509012160-shimano-ultegra-st-r8170-br-r8170-di2-right-rear-shifter-brake-lever-2x12-speed"/]

Discount: $455.99 536.99

Like many gear nerds, I’ve been thinking about putting together a new road bike build with Shimano’s latest Ultegra Di2 12-speed group. These discounted shifters/brakes might be just the push I need. 

Shimano Saint Clipless Pedals

[product-block handle="7392025510080-shimano-saint-m821-pedals-clipless"/]

Discount: $135.99 159.99

I’m freshening up the enduro bike for the downhill bike park season, and these big and burly pedals are my top pick. The Saint name is one you can always trust when it comes to gravity riding. 

Vittoria Corsa N.EXT G2.0 Clincher Tires

[product-block handle="vittoria-corsa-n-ext-g2-0-tire-700c-clincher-black "/]

Discount: $63.99 74.99

I LOVE these tires. My co-worker Andy just won at Tulsa Tough on them too. They roll super fast but are tough enough for daily training rides. Not everyone wants a tubeless setup though. If that’s you, then you’re in luck because the clinchers are going on sale. 

DMR Deathgrips

[product-block handle="7201379844288-dmr-deathgrip-grips-lock-on-flange"/]

Discount: $26.99 32.99

This is, in my opinion, the best mountain bike grip ever made. The ribs near the collar keep the skin on my thumbs from peeling off during hard descents. 

Bike Apparel and Accessories On Sale

100% Speedcraft Sunglasses

[product-block handle="100-speedcraft-sunglasses-soft-tact-black"/]

Discount: $125.99 185.99

A bunch of 100% sunglasses are going on sale, but this model is the one you want if you want to channel the power of 3-time world champion Peter Sagan. 

Camelbak Chase Hydration Vest

[product-block handle="camelbak-chase-bike-hydration-vest-50oz"/]

Discount: $84.99 100.00

I’ve always trusted CamelBak with my hydration needs. The Chase is the best pack for gravel and mountain bike racing. It’s slim, comfy, and actually super breathable on your back, plus there are lots of convenient pockets for your phone, snacks, and other goodies. 

PDW Origami Clip-on Fender

[product-block handle="portland-design-works-origami-clip-on-fender-reflective"/]

Discount: $17.99 21.99

I tested a bunch of different clip-on fenders a while back, and the PDW Origami is the one I keep coming back to. It’s super lightweight and packable but provides enough coverage to use on my gravel and mountain bikes. 

Light & Motion VIS 1000 Trooper Headlight

[product-block handle="6166339846336-light-motion-vis-1000-trooper-headlight"/]

Discount: $75.99 99.99

I’ve trusted Light & Motion lights for years. The VIS 1000 Trooper is super bright but super compact. Use it for commuting or hit the trails for some night riding. You’ll be able to see everything.

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