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Rebuilding a Blown Fox Float X2 on a Devinci Spartan

Our mechanics are experts at making used bikes ride like new. This 2022 Devinci Spartan came in with a Fox Float X2 rear shock in need of a full rebuild. Our Suspension Tech tore it down to get it ready to hit the trails.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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Our team of pro mechanics inspect, service, and repair hundreds of bikes every week to ensure they all meet our standards for Certified Pre-Owned bikes. Let’s take a look at what they’ve been working on this week. 

Our team recently received this 2022 Devinci Spartan, which is a high-pivot bike made to shred down tough enduro and downhill trails. The frame, drivetrain, and wheels were in excellent condition, but it had a few issues that needed to be addressed before it could earn its Certified Pre-Owned badge. Check out the video to see what our mechanics did to make this bike ready to hit the trails:

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The Devinci Spartan Fox Float X2 Shock Rebuild

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Because the Spartan is designed to handle big hits and gnarly terrain, it comes equipped with some seriously burly suspension: a 170mm Fox 38 Factory fork and a Fox Float X2 Factory shock. 

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The Float X2 shock is one of the best downhill-oriented shocks that I have ever used. I ran it on my last enduro bike and I actually prefer it to Fox’s DHX2 coil shock for enduro racing because I find it provides more traction and stays more planted (which is surprising!). It is a highly-adjustable, high-performance shock, but the downside is that it tends to require more frequent service or rebuilds than other, simpler air shocks. 

TPC Shock service for Fox Float X2Shay dyno testing the Float X2 shock.

When our Service Writer inspected the Float X2 shock on this Spartan, he noted that the compression adjustment didn’t function properly. That meant the bike needed to go to Shay, our in-house Suspension Tech. 

Mountain bike suspension service special toolsThis drawer represents a mere fraction of Shay's insane collection of tools. 

The Float X2 is a tough shock for home mechanics to work on because disassembly requires at least 7 specialty tools. Also, a full damper bleed (which this Float X2 would require to fix the compression damping) is a daunting process that nearly no home mechanics want to undertake. Shay, however, is a pro, and he’s the biggest suspension geek in the building. He has the skills, experience, and most importantly, the tools and parts to service and rebuild nearly anything. 

Fox Float X2 suspension shock serviceShay made quick work of the Float X2, tearing it down and rebuilding it in around 30 minutes. The key to his speed and efficiency is the vacuum bleed machine he used to bleed the damper.

Mountain bike suspension service vacuum bleederBleeding a damper by hand can take up to an hour, but with this nifty machine made by Andreani, it only takes him 5 minutes! It helps him service hundreds of forks and shocks every week, which is important because he doesn't just work on our Certified Pre-Owned mountain bikes, but he also services suspension for local customers through our bike service center.

When Shay was done, the Float X2 was factory fresh and ready for some serious downhill riding with fully functioning compression damping. 

Fox factory transfer dropper seatpost service[product-block handle="6660068114624-fox-transfer-internal-dropper-seatpost-31-6mm-175mm-travel"/]

After the rear shock, Shay also took care of a sticky Fox Factory Transfer dropper seatpost which was struggling to reach full top-out. He did a standard 125 hour service and got it to extend with a satisfying smack. 

The suspension on this 2022 Devinci Spartan was go to go, but it did also have a few other issues beyond the shock and dropper. The rear brake line had a “pinch” in it requiring a new hose and brake bleed by one of our Master Techs, but we’ll save that for part 2!

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